Moon and fire… just an average day on the farm! #JustJotJan 2019 word prompt fun

The clue was hidden amongst dead leaves and twigs. As I pushed them away, woodlice rolled onto the forest floor and opened up.

‘Oh God, yuck – look at it move!’ my sister’s face appeared beside me, her unbrushed hair swinging forward and I could smell the strawberry shampoo she insisted on using.

‘Scaredy-cat!’ I giggled and lifted the board clear of woodland litter. ‘The silver sphere will be a blood red moon. Don’t be caught out, or the flames may burn you soon.’

‘I still don’t get it.’ she wrapped her old coat further round her and echoed the words she had uttered the year before. The breeze licked her face with an icy tongue and I watched her shiver and threw the board back to the ground.

Our grandfather had told us about it years before and every year we had tried to work it out.

Silly bit of flash fiction… to celebrate my completion of the Pink Pen read-through 💫

Man of the Woods has been chainsawing again .. rejuvenating old thin hedgerows so they will grow back thicker and better for wildlife.

Photo credit – meeeeee 😃

Fun daily prompt from Linda Hill … join in here. Today’s word ‘echo’ is courtesy of Lady Lee.