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Have you been keeping
up with blogger ALittleBookProblem?
Julie has a feature where she
interviews different authors and
aspiring authors on a Friday
evening. Here is the Wendy Clarke
interview – one I waited a long
time to read 🥂
Wendy is editing her debut
novel as well as running
a hugely successful online
book club (amongst others)
through which I met dear
Julie- the creator of this blog!

A Little Book Problem


I know I have been promising this guest for quite a while now but finally, at last, I am delighted to welcome to Friday Night Drinks, the founder of The Fiction Cafe Book Club, my favourite corner of the internet, my online writing group, The Fiction Cafe – Writers Group and a host of other brilliant related Facebook groups we will talk about later….. drumroll…….Wendy Clarke!

img_2432Thank you for joining me for drinks this evening, Wendy, glad you finally made it! First things first, what are you drinking?

Had you asked me that this time last year it would have been anything from a pink gin and ginger ale to a Bailey’s but in April last year I gave up alchol and started drinking water! 

Now though, it’s coffee. I’m a little bit of a coffee addict!

At last, I’m not the only non-drinker at the table…

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