Those precious little moments πŸ’™

A moment is a moment; it’s neither ‘little’ or any other form of size. It’s sixty seconds worth of time which will never pass us by again with the same date.

However, when you find yourself aligned with more than one aspect of delight, it becomes a captivating unit of happiness. I had about seven, all in a row earlier πŸ˜ƒ

The birds were tweeting, the wind had dropped, the sun contained some warmth, everyone was out on a tractor and I had the garden to myself. I shared those moments with my present read and I can’t get enough of Isabelle Broom’s characters Alice and Max in ‘One Thousand Stars and You’. It is romantic and soul-searchingly enlightening.

Step aside 007; I’m falling in love with Max… and I’m only half way through!!

Although I’ve not met this author, I am aware she is a member of our wonderful Romantic Novelists Association and won a category at the recent RoNAs. This is the annual romantic novel awards and Isabelle won Contemporary Romance Novel.

Without giving any spoilers, I can assure you this story does indeed deal with contemporary issues, in a sensitive manner via beautifully created characters.

It is romantic but not fluffy. It is emotional but also funny. It carries you across to Sri Lanka and wraps you in the sites and smells you would find there. Escapist romantic fiction is how Isabelle pitches this book and it makes perfect sense.

As a reader I’m enthralled, as a writer I’m inspired. The pacing of the plot unfolding, the chemistry, the internal conflicts … all superb examples of how to get it ‘right’!

Now go away, I’m going to finish it xx

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