Paper Goodbyes… (#CampNanoWrimo)

… is the working title of a potential Book 2 and a project I plan to work with during April, for CampNano.

I plan to type 400 words per day minimum. This is so easily achievable I am feeling no pressure whatsoever. I’ve still other writing goals going on in the background, one of which is starting to pop more fiction posts on this blog (you all reacted so favourably to my random poetry and short stories, it gave me a buzz which I’ve been missing recently).

I am also attempting to make an orange cake as we haven’t cooked together for months either πŸ™„

This is melted marmalade mixed with icing sugar which I plan to drizzle across the top of the cake while it is still warm in the pan 🍊

I was inspired last evening when I watched an author live by Julie Cohen. You may recall I attended a writing retreat with her in November in Devon and went on subsequently to finish my main manuscript – which we are calling SECRETS UNDER A TUSCAN SUN, by the way!

So Julie was chatting to a group of us in an online book club all about her most recent title which you may have heard about? Louis&Louise published by Orion.

… and while I’ve yet to read what is fast becoming a much talked about debate about how gender affects lives and expectations, I know it’s going to be a masterpiece in writing because everything Julie writes is so (that is sickly but it’s ok coz she’ll never read this!).

So the idea for Paper Goodbyes came after I watched a documentary narrated by Michael Portillo in his Hidden History series. He made a program about the former Odeon in Bradford which closed for over forty years until Bradford City Council bought it for a Β£1 and agreed to raise the funds needed to save it.

It’s story touched my heart. A group of people have saved it and it’s due to open its doors again in 2020!

My novel is written from the POV of a nine year old asberger sufferer (and I have three experts already agreed to help me with the details and to do sensitivity readings). It is set in the street in which this magnificent building stands. I’m very tempted to self publish this next year to coincide with Bradford’s grand opening – what do you think of that as a plan??

Here’s my first basic synopsis, just for you my wonderful readers 😘πŸ₯‚


Max doesn’t care that he has no friends because in reality, he does (in the pages of history books). Luckily his mum works in the old fashioned book shop on the outskirts of Bradford and he will have to accompany her daily during the summer holidays. But that’s ok because that gives him thirty five days to get to know everyone on those pages.

Even the old creepy man who trudges past the shop daily cannot dampen his spirits – even when his mother begs him not to make eye contact.

Zoe is torn. She needs the money from her quiet job on the edge of the city. World Books should have closed a long time ago but it’s owner has a hold on her. Her son needs the correct care for the seven weeks over the summer but nowhere will take him with his problem. If she can just keep him safe, away from idiots who don’t understand him and his needs, everything will be fine.

Frank is waiting to die. Fifty years since he last communicated with his wife, through the big screen one Christmas Day. His front line had been their last. Feeling her closest when he is outside the Picturehouse, he is petrified that when it is bulldozed at the end of August, he will be lost forever too.


Oh bollocks, look! In all the excitement I’ve burnt the efforts…

Actually, I think we may have got away with that. Topping drizzled, then lightly sprinkled with icing sugar…. yup, no-one will ever know it’s not perfect (only you and me πŸ˜ƒ).

Cup of tea with that?