Pernille Hughes and her gym buddies have given me a lust for progress ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

There is nothing to dislike about this story.

I have over eight novels which I’ve started and not yet finished because I have an addiction – reading the first page to see if it hooks, I then buy and read a few chapters before putting the new book to one side and promising to come back to it “after I’ve finished the others“!

Something kept me reading this though. Maybe the writing style being easy on the eye when my brain is so full of my CBC coursework made it a relaxing reading experience. The petals of humour falling upon each page are utterly hilarious and had me laughing out loud with recognition. Pernille writes characters so relatable you expect to bump into them in your town… well hopefully not Aaron. 

The hopes and dreams of Tiffanie have been created with care and passion. I wanted and needed her to succeed, against all the odds. This is why I had to finish this book. I learnt things about boxing along the way and might just go and buy a skipping rope

How can I lose weight when I’m sitting on my arse typing these days! I may not be medically classed as overweight but I’m a stone and a half – 20lbs I suppose I should say – heavier than I was two years ago and than I was all my adult life. And I don’t like it.

Having hit 50 (if I keep saying it, I’ll eventually believe it) I’m now ready to think about getting fitter, yet I fear my body got bored of waiting around while I brought up the kids and started my business twelve years ago. Bugger.

Healthier choices on the food front will surely help….