ABOUT – December 2019

In Oct 2017 I opened my WordPress account, chose a theme and guessed my way around my new site, promising myself I would one day work out how to set up the menus properly. Then I started the serious business of writing. Except I had no idea what to write. I debated about whether I wanted a space in which to experiment with poetry, perhaps some romance fiction or even pyschological thriller pieces. The trouble is, I love reading them all.

I see that now I have over 500 posts; a mish mash of fiction, book reviews and idle meanderings through my nine brain cells. I never did find out how to set up the menus properly and even now find my site’s theme much harder to navigate and less pleasing on the eye than some of the other writers’ territory I enjoy visiting. (That’s one New Year’s resolution pinned to the post then!)

Moving forward into 2020, I would like to refine my site into perhaps four sections: Home, Book Reviews, My Fiction, Writing Life. These sound more concise and should cover everything I do here.

So where am I after two years of blogging?

  1. I have engaged with some incredible writers and people all over the world. (That’s a huge positive.)
  2. Building a potential audience for my fiction is going to involve rather more than a daily photo or paragraph of waffle. Readers enjoy posts which highlight the reality and journey of a writer’s life. At the start of 2019, when I needed to knuckle down to finishing Book 1 – which resulted in me being unable to maintain a daily posting routine on WordPress – I learned a lot about time-management. Hence, I can see that my early posts, in 2017/2018 were not thought out at all; just random musings. However, I do believe they’ve helped to develop me as a writer, each and every one of them. (I thought that was going to be a negative, but actually it’s another positive.)
  3. I have one romantic suspense novel out on submission to agents, and a second novel wearing first-draft clothing, having been created during NaNoWriMo last month. It took me over eighteen months to type the first draft of Book 1, so I’ve learned a lot about the approach to writing.

I once tried to the do The Body Coach’s 90-day workout plan, remember that? Well, I fell off the bandwagon around day 41. I now attempt yoga. Occasionally.

Last week I tried to make my first ever Christmas cake, ignoring the gut feeling that it’s not yet ‘my turn’ to do so as that role appears to have always been carried out by the most senior female in the family. Well, at this rate, I’ll be over 60 before I’ve had an opportunity, so I said ‘Sod it!’. I did burn the cake, and found myself picking currants from the top – they looked like blackened blueberries and popped with delightful puffs of charcoal over the draining board. (I think I saved the majority of the fruit cake though, and if you promise to keep this kitchen fail a secret, no-one will ever know bar you and I, okay?).

So, whether it’s creating a book, following a fitness regime or becoming a domestic goddess, everything takes time to practice. But practice does make a damned sight better!

I hope you enjoy being here xxx

(As my computer is refusing to allow me to ‘edit’ my original ‘ABOUT’ post, I am sliding this in today with it linked to the category as I thought an update was most definitely overdue!)