People.  They make the world go round, don’t they?  I adore meeting new people and what better way than to do so through the medium of writing?

While writing is part of our everyday through form-filling, emails and texting, don’t you sometimes find yourself creating stories from something?  Or nothing?  Perhaps a scene unfolding through the windscreen while sat in your car, or a journey taken by a stranger in a dream you wake from?  Strings of words appear in my mind; plots and twists, creating worlds which need exploring.

I love the art of writing.  When I was a teenager I even loved to buy a new fountain pen and quality paper to go with it.  I would clear the desk of all ballpoint pens (riff raff) and push all homework away from sight (ghastly, even if necessary) in order that the new pen and paper would not be disturbed in their first outing.

The spoken word, then in ink but now mostly on a keyboard can entertain and educate,  make us laugh and cry.   If you read any of my posts here then I hope you leave entertained, educated or amused.

2017 saw me wondering (not for the first time) what the word blog actually, truly meant! Wasn’t it a word belonging to the ‘young people’ with their techno-based lifestyles?  It seems a blog is for the use of any and all ages to enjoy and utlise.  An exciting porthole into another world filled with writings from millions of people from all over the world, happy to share their day, their passions, their travels.

Some of my posts are little stories; others are ramblings about life.  I hope you find something interesting among them!

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We are in 2018 and it is important to continue to ‘grow’ and evolve, hence I shall add an update to this ABOUT piece, now that I’ve been blogging since end of Oct 2017 and have posted nearly sixty works of wordels for you to analyse or drift on pass; whatever takes your fancy.  

I’m all about the fiction this year.  I’ve joined RNA for my sins (Romantic Novelists Association) and managed to secure one of 300 places on their ‘New Writers Scheme’!  This is very exciting with many opportunities through the year to meet with authors, both published and aspiring, plus experts from the field.   

Join me in my quest to complete a challenge I set myself a billion years ago but spent the next 30 years procrastinating about!


31 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you …
      I am so enjoying dipping my toes in and watching the ripple effect …
      hopefully people will like what they read, whichever direction my brain chooses to dance.
      Excuse me – I’ve a black lace to read 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What an entertaining “about” page. I love the idea that you did not want your new pen and paper to be distracted by ball point pens and homework. Wonderful! And I also love your view that a blog or blogging is an interesting “porthole” to another world. Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole to wonderland.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Anne…
      Having read some truly inspiring ‘about’ or ‘home’ pages on other blog sites, writing something that stands out is hard!
      But I think speaking truthfully from our own experiences, is a sure way to stay authentic and authenticity is usually very readable. I have had horses in my life for over 20 years so your posts are particularly interesting to me xx

      Liked by 2 people

    1. So agree … I’ve only been ‘here’ since October this year and apart from going blind from too many hours staring at my phone, I’m loving connecting with writers and lovers of life and the spoken word. Looking forward to chatting again! x

      Liked by 1 person

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