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For my children

Giving myself rare reading time of other writer’s posts and some are just too good NOT to share …. I love this poem!


My memories will fade one day

my eyes will shine less bright

and into dark I’ll surely slip

but you’ll remain my light

The best of me I hope I gave

My smile, my laugh my frown

from good and bad, your path I shaped

you’res the thing’s I’ve handed down

Your hand I help, your head I kissed

scraped knee and fever soothed

beside your bed all night I sat

a heart once hard so moved

And seasons pass, I watch and smile

you clamber, fight and strive

too quick to run before you walk

eyes bright and so alive

Each year that passes I embrace

such change and watch you grow

my hand let go you walk alone

and deep inside I know

Too soon my time will surely pass

alone you’ll be but find

your joy and hope and always feel

the love we leave behind

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When your heartbeat is the only thing you can hear …

Her feet wouldn't move; welded to the floor they were. She knew she needed to leave the bedroom, wanted to most desperately. But those feet were stuck in mud, or concrete. She looked down to check but the pink socks with the dirty fluffy soles were quite free of shackles. His voice - hoarse from… Continue reading When your heartbeat is the only thing you can hear …

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Red Crush #februarywriting

In response to February writing prompts .. Take part here! The neglige clung to her thighs as the breeze blew in through the open door, and the red silk fluttered against the goosebumps across her skin. 'Jake?' She whispered out into the cold air. Nothing. 'Jake?' a little louder this time. Still nothing. She closed… Continue reading Red Crush #februarywriting

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Visual creatures

(this slinky creature ... photo credit to 'graphista') So engrossed in myself was I last night, I forgot to share a potential 'new-to-you-blogger--post' .... so let's put that right. WordPress is full of amazing streams of text. Sometimes though, how wonderful is it to simply look at a breathtakingly beautiful vision as captured through the… Continue reading Visual creatures

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Red Letter Box

His hand reached up and slid the envelope through the gaping dark mouth but no teeth bit. The first steps away from the pillar box saw him feeling like a man; strong and determined but then something weird happened. About 20 yards down the path, he stopped and turned. A sensation crept up from his… Continue reading Red Letter Box

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Enroll in Life Lessons

<a href="https:// dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/enroll/">Enroll</a> Random poetry... Enroll Did someone ask me... If I wanted to enroll? 📎 I don't recall completing a form, Or paying a fee to be here. ✂️ University of Life they call it But tutors move the goalposts 📌 Ever-changing syllabus; no holidays No graduation or certificate. 🔍 Caretakers occasionally appear before… Continue reading Enroll in Life Lessons

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Shine, polish and buff/use an editor!

As I waited for my train to take me to my first writer's chapter meeting for our local RNA group, I received the most exciting email... from my editor. (Oh my god, you can't say that - they'll think you've got something published 🙄). Actually I think I can use that term, because I have… Continue reading Shine, polish and buff/use an editor!

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Birdsong twinkled it's way in, alongside dappled light through jiggling leaves and the smell of fresh coffee all contributed to those first seconds of the day. Riya stretched and her toes peeked out from under the white cotton sheet. John had promised she would love England and he had not been wrong. She blinked and… Continue reading RIYA