Take the next 3 minutes to dream; a visual treat, I promise

I love that shutterbug a) shared this with us today, but b) gets side-tracked like me.
Turn the sound up really loud, and lose yourself.
Tears were dripping off my jaw before the video was even half way through; but that’s because I’m a bit emotional today – for no good reason – and this just melted me. xxx



You have to love the internet. Somehow you begin looking up recipes and end up on a completely different topic an hour later, still hungry and wondering what to make for supper.  Anyway, I thought I would share this incredibly beautiful video with you. If you have 3 minutes to spare, it’s worth checking out.

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Our own worst enemy ..

Goodness, I'm reading some brilliant posts this morning by my regulars (not being possessive by calling them mine - I just mean those writers who I can pretty much be certain will post something that hits a spot I'd forgotten needed itching). Ben's conversation he shares today illustrates how we can become so embroiled in worries… Continue reading Our own worst enemy ..


Don’t lose yourself..

Sometimes you compromise to the point of forgetting who the real you is.... don't let this happen. You want Chinese, he wants Indian ... one of you can compromise your first choice and that would be classed as civil; working together for the bigger picture. Try not, however, to change your whole personality or outlook… Continue reading Don’t lose yourself..


How much money have card companies made from today 🙄

Some days I'm a hopeless romantic... Others I'm a sceptical, suspicious kinda girl... WordPress displays much love poetry today... And some whose feelings unfurl.... 🌸 Some people spend today alone... Thinking about the couples all around... But don't forget that loneliness.... Even within coupledom can be found *********** Don't forget to love yourself today 😍… Continue reading How much money have card companies made from today 🙄


Apologies to no-one!

Thank goodness I bought two boxes. Half term and even 17 year old children appreciate a few home comforts, such as Eton Mess, thrown together in seconds - looking and tasting Ab Fab 🌸 But before mummy glances over at the linen apron hanging by the cooker with a vague notion she might do some… Continue reading Apologies to no-one!


The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

Heavy eyelids gave only a little away as to what the new day may hold but as she took that first deep breath and exhaled slowly and stretched, cool air kissed her shoulders and the view outside became clearer. Narnia! Dark green firs dusted with snow reminded her of granny's Christmas cake decorations and pushing… Continue reading The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter


Strawberries & Cream…. let’s just pop that on your tongue 🍓🍓💋💋

Wanted to mark the end of the weekend with you.. here, one mouthful for me and one for you; open wide! Actually, I've got a headache, a full-on beastie migraine. So maybe we can recreate that scene from '9 1/2 Weeks' another time (does this phone keyboard not have fractions?). I do suffer with migraines… Continue reading Strawberries & Cream…. let’s just pop that on your tongue 🍓🍓💋💋

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Priorities and Hagrid

Happy Sunday lovelies... I've been thinking about how I missed you yesterday, while I also thought of; 1. Adding to my manuscript for the RNA deadline for August. 2. Short Story competitions (Jospeh???) - I have entered four so now I must sit back and forget about it because the closing dates are lightyears away… Continue reading Priorities and Hagrid