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Red Crush #februarywriting

In response to February writing prompts .. Take part here! The neglige clung to her thighs as the breeze blew in through the open door, and the red silk fluttered against the goosebumps across her skin. 'Jake?' She whispered out into the cold air. Nothing. 'Jake?' a little louder this time. Still nothing. She closed… Continue reading Red Crush #februarywriting

Flash Fiction

Red Letter Box

His hand reached up and slid the envelope through the gaping dark mouth but no teeth bit. The first steps away from the pillar box saw him feeling like a man; strong and determined but then something weird happened. About 20 yards down the path, he stopped and turned. A sensation crept up from his… Continue reading Red Letter Box


The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

Heavy eyelids gave only a little away as to what the new day may hold but as she took that first deep breath and exhaled slowly and stretched, cool air kissed her shoulders and the view outside became clearer. Narnia! Dark green firs dusted with snow reminded her of granny's Christmas cake decorations and pushing… Continue reading The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

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Birdsong twinkled it's way in, alongside dappled light through jiggling leaves and the smell of fresh coffee all contributed to those first seconds of the day. Riya stretched and her toes peeked out from under the white cotton sheet. John had promised she would love England and he had not been wrong. She blinked and… Continue reading RIYA

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WORK, NEVER REST OR PLAY (#fridayfictioners)

(A little late to the party, but I would like to share a flash fiction piece linking to the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Addicted to Purple .. together with the fascinating photo by Ted Strutz) Rochelle New rainfall had washed our efforts away. A miserable, ineffective mound of earth sat at the entrance, sliding dangerously into our… Continue reading WORK, NEVER REST OR PLAY (#fridayfictioners)


Arabica beans and eye contact #Radhanagari Damsel: Part 2

John carried his papers and double espresso into the meeting room, arriving ten minutes earlier than Aditya whom was a stickler for timekeeping.  The takeaway cup was just the correct size and the hotel caterers knew just which arabica beans John enjoyed most.   These details made him happy and he felt positive as he… Continue reading Arabica beans and eye contact #Radhanagari Damsel: Part 2

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Lost and forgotten…

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg The hat hung forgotten on the bench. Earlier, coconut smelling silky dark hair had slid against its fibres as Hebe pulled it from her head while she sat under a patio heater.   She squashed the hat under her thigh so as not to lose it before reaching for her… Continue reading Lost and forgotten…

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I still hear you ….

GRANNY'S VOICE Calling The smell of lavender and lily of the valley overwhelmed my nostrils again; immediately the distance between my previous exploration and today's dissolved and it was like I had never been away.  My 8 year old eyes scanned the tiny boxes, different sizes and colours, all protecting treasures from my Grandmother's life in… Continue reading I still hear you ….