Take the next 3 minutes to dream; a visual treat, I promise

I love that shutterbug a) shared this with us today, but b) gets side-tracked like me.
Turn the sound up really loud, and lose yourself.
Tears were dripping off my jaw before the video was even half way through; but that’s because I’m a bit emotional today – for no good reason – and this just melted me. xxx



You have to love the internet. Somehow you begin looking up recipes and end up on a completely different topic an hour later, still hungry and wondering what to make for supper.  Anyway, I thought I would share this incredibly beautiful video with you. If you have 3 minutes to spare, it’s worth checking out.

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Happy Sunday Afternoon… 🖌

Oh the irony.... today marks this achievement, if it can be described as one:- 100 posts, with varying levels of interest to you - and, believe it or not, containing over 23,000 words in 2018 posts alone which could have (should have?) gone on the manuscript! But I've enjoyed blogging and in essence, the mini… Continue reading Happy Sunday Afternoon… 🖌


If you are vegetarian, look away now …

I've got about twenty horse rugs to go and repair, wrap and ultimately deliver to eager clients whose horses are not naked, but wearing their 'spares'.   The pressure I feel upon my shoulders I have placed there myself, as there are approx 180 in the queue behind these twenty, waiting to be washed, proofed… Continue reading If you are vegetarian, look away now …

Flash Fiction

Visual creatures

(this slinky creature ... photo credit to 'graphista') So engrossed in myself was I last night, I forgot to share a potential 'new-to-you-blogger--post' .... so let's put that right. WordPress is full of amazing streams of text. Sometimes though, how wonderful is it to simply look at a breathtakingly beautiful vision as captured through the… Continue reading Visual creatures


GB & USA 🥂

I tend to add the wordprompt link somewhere at the bottom of the page after I've typed the main body of my post because I find the smartphone refuses to accept the link box option here ... HERE .. HERE? ... see? 🙄 - On a brighter note I read about a fellow blogger across… Continue reading GB & USA 🥂


I just fell off my swivel chair from laughing out loud; seriously!

You have to read this!! Trust me, I'm a doctor, of funny bones.   Mike2all writes in such a style, recalling events in his life past and present, choosing to share them encased in a type of humour which is right up my street. I promise I wouldn't share with you, my precious friends, anything… Continue reading I just fell off my swivel chair from laughing out loud; seriously!

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Connected 🌸

A quickie today because I have a to-do list as long as my leg (usually they say arm but I prefer to think outside the box and it's a bloody long list). I have a children's book to type up for a friend, about which I am starting to think I've bitten off more than… Continue reading Connected 🌸