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It’s cold outside – do you need warming up? Let’s talk sex…

I've just written the first (of a few planned) sex scenes in my manuscript. It is not a 'door closed' book where the reader feels only the chemistry but details are left to the imagination. There is a lot of advice out there about writing such scenes. Some people believe there are rules one should… Continue reading It’s cold outside – do you need warming up? Let’s talk sex…


Ok, hands up …

.... whose Christmas Tree only made it as far as the garden? This is precisely the sort of thing Japanese Monks would not allow to happen. They never allow a no-longer-needed item to merely congregate with further objects of past usage. They give away, recycle, burn, break down. They see items no longer needed by… Continue reading Ok, hands up …

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Our own worst enemy ..

Goodness, I'm reading some brilliant posts this morning by my regulars (not being possessive by calling them mine - I just mean those writers who I can pretty much be certain will post something that hits a spot I'd forgotten needed itching). Ben's conversation he shares today illustrates how we can become so embroiled in worries… Continue reading Our own worst enemy ..


Don’t lose yourself..

Sometimes you compromise to the point of forgetting who the real you is.... don't let this happen. You want Chinese, he wants Indian ... one of you can compromise your first choice and that would be classed as civil; working together for the bigger picture. Try not, however, to change your whole personality or outlook… Continue reading Don’t lose yourself..


Apologies to no-one!

Thank goodness I bought two boxes. Half term and even 17 year old children appreciate a few home comforts, such as Eton Mess, thrown together in seconds - looking and tasting Ab Fab 🌸 But before mummy glances over at the linen apron hanging by the cooker with a vague notion she might do some… Continue reading Apologies to no-one!

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<a href="">Bewildered</a> Bewildering Dreams When the velvet-feel water moves across your shoulders, They glisten in the evening sun before the retreating sea, Leaves shapes as gravity takes it back from you. 🐠 I smell the salt as your arms reach out for me, Dark hairs are flattened to your wrists and I turn my head… Continue reading Day-dreaming


Cry to laugh in eighteen seconds…

Part 10 is done. Some of you enjoyed it and I'm happy you did (catch it here.). I could have taken this mini series in many directions, and to be fair, I still could. For now, however, I will park the story while I concentrate on my main work in progress, a contemporary fiction set… Continue reading Cry to laugh in eighteen seconds…


Look in the mirror more..

How long can I wait before I start the post-Christmas 'tidy up'?  I mean, realistically, how long do I have to walk past the collection of cracker gifts sat patiently on the sideboard before their inevitable journey to the bin, but which at the time of explosion brought genuine  'oohs' and 'wows' because they were… Continue reading Look in the mirror more..