Happy Sunday Afternoon… 🖌

Oh the irony.... today marks this achievement, if it can be described as one:- 100 posts, with varying levels of interest to you - and, believe it or not, containing over 23,000 words in 2018 posts alone which could have (should have?) gone on the manuscript! But I've enjoyed blogging and in essence, the mini… Continue reading Happy Sunday Afternoon… 🖌

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Hook your agent, publisher, reader. How? Synopsis

Synopsis writing can be a dense fog through which to tip toe with a white cane, praying you don't trip on unforeseen obstacles. Lorraine Ambers breaks it down here so beautifully, I feel almost excited to have a go at writing one for my novel (which is completely ridiculous as I've only written a third… Continue reading Hook your agent, publisher, reader. How? Synopsis


O…. M …. G

😭😭😭😭😭 sniff.. JoJo Moyes 'Me Before You' This is not a chic lit light romance romp. It deals with the heartbreaking decisions a quadriplegic feels forced to make. A man in his prime, with his previous life stolen from him, and a girl who is employed as his carer trying to change his mind during… Continue reading O…. M …. G

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Create your piece, and find your peace 🌸

So I can finally sit and share with you a little from my first experience of a RNA meeting (Romantic Novelists Association). I had the most inspiring two hours in a conference room in Park Place, St James Street. Set up in the UK some years ago - the Romantic Novelists Association which has a… Continue reading Create your piece, and find your peace 🌸


Vodka Martini .. rather shaken actually…

The name's Bleu, Viola Bleu. I'm on a mission, to research the dark streets in the outskirts of Milan to find my main character for my second novel. I will know him when I see him, the angle of the jaw has to be just right; not merely stubble-covered. His lips will be kissable and… Continue reading Vodka Martini .. rather shaken actually…


Sexy, Smart or can you be both?

Two magazines arrived in the post this morning.... and as my awake hours are a permanent juggle of how to allocate my time, tasks and thought processes  constructively, which one do I open, because I know I haven't got time for both.  I want to write my novel, but I want to be a fitter… Continue reading Sexy, Smart or can you be both?


Romance is not fading …. according to the experts.

What have I done?! I became a member - of the Romantic Novelists Association💕 Am I ready for this? Are they ready for me 😬 Joking aside, I left 2017 focused on doing this writing thing. I've thought about it on and off for most of my adult life, but allowed work and children and… Continue reading Romance is not fading …. according to the experts.