Armageddon Ice-age is coming ..

Allegedly. This weekend onwards for at least a week. Siberian winds and icy temperatures such as we haven't experienced in recent years in the UK for longer than a day or two. Let's make a lasagne while we talk weather. Being a farmer's wife, the weather has always featured in our day, many times a… Continue reading Armageddon Ice-age is coming ..


If you are vegetarian, look away now …

I've got about twenty horse rugs to go and repair, wrap and ultimately deliver to eager clients whose horses are not naked, but wearing their 'spares'.   The pressure I feel upon my shoulders I have placed there myself, as there are approx 180 in the queue behind these twenty, waiting to be washed, proofed… Continue reading If you are vegetarian, look away now …


Apologies to no-one!

Thank goodness I bought two boxes. Half term and even 17 year old children appreciate a few home comforts, such as Eton Mess, thrown together in seconds - looking and tasting Ab Fab 🌸 But before mummy glances over at the linen apron hanging by the cooker with a vague notion she might do some… Continue reading Apologies to no-one!

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24 hours with Viola won’t cost you $1,000,000

But it might leave you peckish if you haven't had breakfast... Nothing like a Shell garage heated-too-quickly snack to fill a hole, and burn the roof of your mouth. What is it about the sanctuary of your own car as a teensy place to sit and contemplate stuff? Builders en route to work, wearing the… Continue reading 24 hours with Viola won’t cost you $1,000,000


The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

Heavy eyelids gave only a little away as to what the new day may hold but as she took that first deep breath and exhaled slowly and stretched, cool air kissed her shoulders and the view outside became clearer. Narnia! Dark green firs dusted with snow reminded her of granny's Christmas cake decorations and pushing… Continue reading The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

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Enroll in Life Lessons

<a href="https://">Enroll</a> Random poetry... Enroll Did someone ask me... If I wanted to enroll? 📎 I don't recall completing a form, Or paying a fee to be here. ✂️ University of Life they call it But tutors move the goalposts 📌 Ever-changing syllabus; no holidays No graduation or certificate. 🔍 Caretakers occasionally appear before… Continue reading Enroll in Life Lessons