Back Street Girl

Running hard but getting nowhere, Breathing in rain, soaking wet but I don't mind. Soles slapping on wet ground, Nothing open and no sanctuary to find. * The brickwork rough on my fingertips, Something pulls my hair and yanks me back. Falling and screaming, hitting the ground, No-one near me; just an axe on the… Continue reading Back Street Girl

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Enroll in Life Lessons

<a href="https:// dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/enroll/">Enroll</a> Random poetry... Enroll Did someone ask me... If I wanted to enroll? 📎 I don't recall completing a form, Or paying a fee to be here. ✂️ University of Life they call it But tutors move the goalposts 📌 Ever-changing syllabus; no holidays No graduation or certificate. 🔍 Caretakers occasionally appear before… Continue reading Enroll in Life Lessons


Cheese honey ‘n pairs

Grammar and spelling, while essential to the finished work, can be placed to one side temporarily while a first draft is spat out, whether you are talking novel, short story, blog, email or text. Before you press publish, post or send, you should ideally pause and re-read your work, taking the time to follow the… Continue reading Cheese honey ‘n pairs


I enjoyed that … 🖌 (eeeek – did I turn the iron off??)

Your room is warm and smells of you, Details linger long after you are gone. I sometimes sit and stare at the view you had, When you lived here, the house, it shone. Ambition flowed through your veins, Alongside a good dose of questioning self. You focused and aimed, letting your arrow of hope Fly… Continue reading I enjoyed that … 🖌 (eeeek – did I turn the iron off??)


Christmas Days from the Past

(Poem linked to the Sunday Photo Prompt!) Christmas Again the shouting No different to an average Sunday roast. Seven additional side dishes, Parents stressed before the big host. Big bird, not sure I like the taste anyway, Why the expectation, the hassle and clothes? The school nativity was promising and fun, 25th and its plans, not… Continue reading Christmas Days from the Past