Don’t lose yourself..

Sometimes you compromise to the point of forgetting who the real you is.... don't let this happen. You want Chinese, he wants Indian ... one of you can compromise your first choice and that would be classed as civil; working together for the bigger picture. Try not, however, to change your whole personality or outlook… Continue reading Don’t lose yourself..


Happy Sunday Afternoon… πŸ–Œ

Oh the irony.... today marks this achievement, if it can be described as one:- 100 posts, with varying levels of interest to you - and, believe it or not, containing over 23,000 words in 2018 posts alone which could have (should have?) gone on the manuscript! But I've enjoyed blogging and in essence, the mini… Continue reading Happy Sunday Afternoon… πŸ–Œ


The streets are paved with purple nails πŸ’œ

I've always loved nice nails. Today I've had them painted purple. Having had horses in my life from my early twenties for the following quarter century, I knew what having broken chipped nails at the end of chapped hands felt like. It wasn't girly. They were the hands of hard work. But I welcome the… Continue reading The streets are paved with purple nails πŸ’œ

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24 hours with Viola won’t cost you $1,000,000

But it might leave you peckish if you haven't had breakfast... Nothing like a Shell garage heated-too-quickly snack to fill a hole, and burn the roof of your mouth. What is it about the sanctuary of your own car as a teensy place to sit and contemplate stuff? Builders en route to work, wearing the… Continue reading 24 hours with Viola won’t cost you $1,000,000


Strawberries & Cream…. let’s just pop that on your tongue πŸ“πŸ“πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Wanted to mark the end of the weekend with you.. here, one mouthful for me and one for you; open wide! Actually, I've got a headache, a full-on beastie migraine. So maybe we can recreate that scene from '9 1/2 Weeks' another time (does this phone keyboard not have fractions?). I do suffer with migraines… Continue reading Strawberries & Cream…. let’s just pop that on your tongue πŸ“πŸ“πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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Priorities and Hagrid

Happy Sunday lovelies... I've been thinking about how I missed you yesterday, while I also thought of; 1. Adding to my manuscript for the RNA deadline for August. 2. Short Story competitions (Jospeh???) - I have entered four so now I must sit back and forget about it because the closing dates are lightyears away… Continue reading Priorities and Hagrid


Thank you and Goodnight….

They've gone, they've gone! The relatives have finally departed; early by some standards perhaps, but my now evident virus has gripped its spiky fingers around my tonsils and filled my skull with cotton wool, so I am grateful to be lying on the sofa listening to the air drawing through the woodburner like some distant… Continue reading Thank you and Goodnight….