O…. M …. G

😭😭😭😭😭 sniff.. JoJo Moyes 'Me Before You' This is not a chic lit light romance romp. It deals with the heartbreaking decisions a quadriplegic feels forced to make. A man in his prime, with his previous life stolen from him, and a girl who is employed as his carer trying to change his mind during… Continue reading O…. M …. G


Apologies to no-one!

Thank goodness I bought two boxes. Half term and even 17 year old children appreciate a few home comforts, such as Eton Mess, thrown together in seconds - looking and tasting Ab Fab 🌸 But before mummy glances over at the linen apron hanging by the cooker with a vague notion she might do some… Continue reading Apologies to no-one!