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When rejection leads to improvement

As promised, Harlequin Mills & Boon did indeed send me some feedback today on that potential first chapter and synopsis which I rather rushed in order to submit before the competition deadline last Thursday. Their email is a reassuring mix of helpful tips where I have let myself down and positive praise - they like my… Continue reading When rejection leads to improvement

Flash Fiction

Red Crush #februarywriting

In response to February writing prompts .. Take part here! The neglige clung to her thighs as the breeze blew in through the open door, and the red silk fluttered against the goosebumps across her skin. 'Jake?' She whispered out into the cold air. Nothing. 'Jake?' a little louder this time. Still nothing. She closed… Continue reading Red Crush #februarywriting


Sexy, Smart or can you be both?

Two magazines arrived in the post this morning.... and as my awake hours are a permanent juggle of how to allocate my time, tasks and thought processes  constructively, which one do I open, because I know I haven't got time for both.  I want to write my novel, but I want to be a fitter… Continue reading Sexy, Smart or can you be both?