Flash Fiction

Red Letter Box

His hand reached up and slid the envelope through the gaping dark mouth but no teeth bit. The first steps away from the pillar box saw him feeling like a man; strong and determined but then something weird happened. About 20 yards down the path, he stopped and turned. A sensation crept up from his… Continue reading Red Letter Box


Answers on a postcard please..

Are any of you guys runners or joggers and know about times? I’ve got a fit, healthy and competitive late 30s male (in my book; not stood sweating in my kitchen) who has just returned from a 4k morning stint to keep his fitness up and he’s looking at his wrist watch thingy and he’s… Continue reading Answers on a postcard please..


The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

Heavy eyelids gave only a little away as to what the new day may hold but as she took that first deep breath and exhaled slowly and stretched, cool air kissed her shoulders and the view outside became clearer. Narnia! Dark green firs dusted with snow reminded her of granny's Christmas cake decorations and pushing… Continue reading The Tiger, The Author and The Typewriter

Flash Fiction

Shine, polish and buff/use an editor!

As I waited for my train to take me to my first writer's chapter meeting for our local RNA group, I received the most exciting email... from my editor. (Oh my god, you can't say that - they'll think you've got something published 🙄). Actually I think I can use that term, because I have… Continue reading Shine, polish and buff/use an editor!

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Birdsong twinkled it's way in, alongside dappled light through jiggling leaves and the smell of fresh coffee all contributed to those first seconds of the day. Riya stretched and her toes peeked out from under the white cotton sheet. John had promised she would love England and he had not been wrong. She blinked and… Continue reading RIYA


Aim high, but remember your breathing apparatus

Travel posts from bloggers provide us with unique experiences of different parts of the world from individual points of view, and this I love.   However, I found a site today while perusing short story competitions - about which I would like to start thinking - and must share the link with you. By Friday… Continue reading Aim high, but remember your breathing apparatus


Sunrays and Lipstick. Radhanagari Damsel; part 9

Riya took in a huge breath and briefly closed her eyes as she let the air back out steadily until her lungs were empty.   She turned her face to focus on John's but said nothing. "How can I help you?" John's voice sounded small and he felt even smaller in a world he did… Continue reading Sunrays and Lipstick. Radhanagari Damsel; part 9


Heartbeat and fear. Radhanagari Damsel; part 8

Ramesh threw the box to the floor, and the lid became detached, pieces of pearl bouncing into the grey dust, disappearing from sight. "Do you know about this?" Ramesh held John's gaze and was a different man from the bumbling engineer of previous meetings. "I think you do. Keep out of what does not concern… Continue reading Heartbeat and fear. Radhanagari Damsel; part 8