When your heartbeat is the only thing you can hear …

Her feet wouldn't move; welded to the floor they were. She knew she needed to leave the bedroom, wanted to most desperately. But those feet were stuck in mud, or concrete. She looked down to check but the pink socks with the dirty fluffy soles were quite free of shackles. His voice - hoarse from… Continue reading When your heartbeat is the only thing you can hear …

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When rejection leads to improvement

As promised, Harlequin Mills & Boon did indeed send me some feedback today on that potential first chapter and synopsis which I rather rushed in order to submit before the competition deadline last Thursday. Their email is a reassuring mix of helpful tips where I have let myself down and positive praise - they like my… Continue reading When rejection leads to improvement


Back Street Girl

Running hard but getting nowhere, Breathing in rain, soaking wet but I don't mind. Soles slapping on wet ground, Nothing open and no sanctuary to find. * The brickwork rough on my fingertips, Something pulls my hair and yanks me back. Falling and screaming, hitting the ground, No-one near me; just an axe on the… Continue reading Back Street Girl

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Priorities and Hagrid

Happy Sunday lovelies... I've been thinking about how I missed you yesterday, while I also thought of; 1. Adding to my manuscript for the RNA deadline for August. 2. Short Story competitions (Jospeh???) - I have entered four so now I must sit back and forget about it because the closing dates are lightyears away… Continue reading Priorities and Hagrid

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Torn; between loving you and escaping you. (#dailywordprompt)

A POEM IN RESPONSE TO TODAY'S WORDPRESS WORD PROMPT  Torn You call my name but I do not turn around, I keep walking and stare ahead, ignoring the sound Because we have been here before and I know the pattern. * Listening for footsteps behind me, my senses heighten, Breath shortening until I can bear… Continue reading Torn; between loving you and escaping you. (#dailywordprompt)